Getting Started / Introduction

  • Workflow
    • Manage the workflow of Submittals and RFIs (Request for Information) between multiple teams
    • Approval-based process. Example:
      • Contractor Submits RFI
      • RFI goes through multiple teams, such as the Construction Management, Designers, City Management, etc
        • Comments are directly entered into the system by each team
        • File attachments can be directly uploaded into the system
      • RFI gets finalized in the system with final files generated and available for teams
  • Permissions
    • Individuals generally have two levels of access
      • Facilitators
        • Can manage, process, and engage on Submittals and RFIs
      • Reviewers
        • Can view and be receive automated alerts
        • Can be given access to participate in the Review process of a given Submittal or RFI
  • Alerts
    • Email alerts available for all aspects of the workflow
  • Cloud Based System
    • ConstructFlow relies on Amazon Web Services (
    • Redundant systems maintain high availability and security


Last updated Jun. 18, 2020

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