Project Settings / User Permissions

There are three types of users:

  1. Facilitator
  2. Reviewer
  3. Administrator
The Facilitators can participate in Submittals and RFIs as soon as an item in their Review group's court. They can manage the internal review process for their group as well as process the items to the next reviewing group. For the Submitters group, Facilitators can initiate Submittals and RFIs.

The Reviewers can see all Submittals and RFIs in the system, but cannot participate in the review process unless they have been added to do so using the Internal Review Management section. This allows Reviewing groups to specifically assign who can make comments in a particular Submittal or RFI.
For the Submitters group, users assigned as Reviewers have view only access.

Admins can manage the Project and settings, as well as assume Facilitator roles.

Last updated Aug. 26, 2019